The sativa strains like blue dream are great for the weekend activities

Sativa strains like blue dream, Jack Herer, and Super Silver Haze are great for weekend activities with my friends.

My friends and I regularly get together to enjoy fun activities on Saturdays and Sundays.

These are the days during the week when we don’t have to work. I regularly like to go fishing with my best friend Jack. Jack lives by the river and the area near his place has really great fishing. Fishing is probably one of my absolute favorite activities. It doesn’t cost much to go fishing as long as you already have lures, bait, and poles. You can go fishing in lots of different places for lots of different types of fish. Last weekend Jack and I rented a pontoon boat from the marina and we went way out on the river farther than we usually go. We had lots of recreational marijuana supplies with us for the whole day. We kept the recreational marijuana supplies inside of a waterproof container. When we stopped at a spot where we threw out the anchor, Jack and I got out the recreational marijuana products and smoked a bowl. We managed to drag in a couple of pretty big largemouth bass that day as well as a sturgeon that probably could have broken the record in the county. Our day of fishing was definitely the highlight of my weekend. Sunday I spent relaxing and cleaning all the fish I got in the river the previous day. I managed to fill the freezer with three pounds of fish from the river.

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