The cannabis laws are very stringent

The country was genuinely an unusual stadium when I was younger.

The ever so pressing War on Drugs was actually kicking into high gear and this was long before cannabis dispensaries were considered.

My pals as well as myself preferred to drink beer as well as use cannabis products after pigskin practice. Beer was insanely straightforward and we could get our hands on it very easily. Even though none of the people were actually old enough to get alcohol, it seemed that no a single person cared because we were on the football team. Cannabis was considered to be dangerous and genuinely it was difficult to find. I firmly believe that a person condemning marijuana has definitely not tried it at all. There is not a single person that has ever used cannabis that would say it is dangerous or some type of harmful drug. The worst harm that cannabis can do is make me gain weight by giving me the munchies. People incarcerated because of the Cannabis have to be punished with a different type of law. There are extra heavy sentences for people that use drugs just like there are for drunk drivers. The two of us believe this is an injustice that the two of us would actually like to stop from happening. It’s nice to see that legalization has reached several communities around the country however the two of us have a great deal of ways to go. The laws for cannabis use have been very heavy especially compared to the overall sentences that drunk drivers receive. America needs to be a better stadium to live.


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