The cafe is next to the cannabis dispensary

A few weeks ago a new cafe opened up near my house, one with a very unique gimmick. It’s called The One Love Diner, and is very influenced by reggae music and Caribbean culture. They have a lot of live music there, and a great selection of imported beers. I usually don’t eat their food, although they do have a tasty Cuban sandwich. It is a great place to hang out for a couple of hours, but only when the weather is nice! It is an outdoor diner, so when there is a nice breeze it is perfect. This diner is on the edge of a large park, and located nearby a cannabis dispensary. This town is still in the first steps of making cannabis legal, so we have a few dispensaries, but it is still not acceptable to get high in public. I spoke with the owner of the cafe, who has been pouring a lot of time and money into the local cannabis legalization effort. He has a master plan that involves legalized recreational cannabis, because when that happens his business will skyrocket. Because the cafe is so close to the cannabis dispensary and all the tables are outside, it’s the perfect smoke-out spot for people leaving the dispensary! When people are allowed to use cannabis in public, his foot traffic will go through the roof, and he plans on expanding the business at that point. I wish him luck because I love the cafe, and I would love to smoke a little cannabis after I finish my meal.

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