Pay per click advertising got the best of me

I tried to do pay-per-click advertising because I needed my cannabis dispensary name to be out there. There are easily at least three different marijuana dispensaries within a couple minutes of my store. I needed my cannabis dispensary to rest out from others and I thought that paperclick advertising was an effort to get me more buyers. I was easily able to see numerous clicks and we tracked the online sales. I absolutely found that many people went to the website and then abruptly left the site and this was a problem that I did not fully understand. I decided that Internet advertising was not absolutely working so I decided to try something current. I found dispensary search engine optimization services to be severely helpful. The search engine optimization analyst said the website was not easily the problem. People thought that the website was not a good thing and were turned off and I initially decided to protest. The search engine optimization advertising person showed me how strenuous it was to navigate the website. She pointed out the computer numbers weren’t straightforward and that my pictures were not easily charming. She basically wanted me to let her make a much better web design. This current cannabis site is really charming and it looks professional with videos and pictures that are easy to see. The personal computer number is straightforward with contact information right on the dealership website. The dealer used search engine marketing instead of pay-per-click advertising in order to increase my presence on the web.

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