My landlord tried to evict me over marijuana

When I signed the lease at my apartment, I never signed an addendum that said I could not smoke marijuana inside of my apartment.

  • I never signed any paperwork that said I would not smoke nicotine inside of the house either.

Still, my landlord tried to evict me because a neighbor complained about the smell of marijuana. I was inside of my home smoking when the problem occurred. I had the window open so I could see the street. I was expecting a delivery from the marijuana dispensary. I needed a view of the street so I could click the button and open the gate when the marijuana delivery driver arrived. I was smoking a blunt and the neighbor must have called the cops. There was a knock on my door and I thought it was the marijuana delivery service driver. It turned out to be the local sheriff’s office. The officer said there was a complaint about marijuana smoke. I apologized and offered to close the window. The cops asked me if I was using marijuana legally and I showed them my medical marijuana card. They thanked me and told me to have a good day. The next day there was a notice of eviction on my front door. I went straight to the manager to demand a reason for the eviction letter. She stated marijuana use and I quickly advised the landlord that she was violating my rights according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. I had a letter from my doctor and a medical card for marijuana. There was nothing she could do to make me leave because I was using marijuana.