My friends and I like to get high on game night

Every Wednesday evening, my friends and I get together for a game night.

We’ve been doing game night ever since we were in college.

We used to get together on Wednesdays to play games and study. Now that we no longer have to study for school, we just have a fun night of games. Sometimes we play Pictionary or life and sometimes we play cards. There is a group of five of us that like to get together on Wednesdays. Last week jackpot recreational marijuana from a dispensary in town. I had never used recreational marijuana and I wasn’t keen on trying it this time either. Jack insisted that I had to get high because everyone else was doing it. I didn’t think I would succumb to peer pressure at 25 years old, but I did. I decided to take a couple of puffs of the marijuana joint. I coughed the first time I took a puff. It was much more harsh than smoking a cigarette. My eyes watered and my throat was scratchy. I thought I was going to throw up. The second hit from the marijuana cigarette wasn’t quite as bad. I still coughed a little but I didn’t feel nauseous or sick to my stomach. I took 3 hits from the marijuana pipe that night. I think recreational marijuana made game night a lot more fun and interesting. Everyone seemed to be having a good time after we got high on recreational marijuana products. I thought pictionary was certainly a lot more interesting after we were all high.


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