I hate drug testing!

I simply do not understand why so many jobs insist on drug testing.

The laws are changing every year, and yet many businesses still make applicants pee in a cup.

I totally understand how this is necessary for a school bus driver, or a brain surgeon. If your job involves the life and death of people, you need to be 100% clean and sober. That makes sense to me. On the other hand, when I apply for a job with a marketing firm, to write blogs and online content for websites, why would they care if I smoke cannabis or not? I spoke anonymously to a friend of mine who works in HR, who says the cannabis rules are strictly for insurance purposes and the bosses don’t really care. In order for a business to be licensed, certified, and insured there are certain requirements involved, one of them being a restriction on cannabis use among employees. Thankfully the compliance is a one-time affair, which means you have to test clean for cannabis and other drugs when you first start, but they don’t test you after that. It was tough taking 2 weeks off from smoking cannabis or using any other drugs, but I did it! I also drank excess amounts of water and took special vitamins that were guaranteed to purge traces of THC and cannabis use from my system. Once I made it through that trying time I passed the drug screening, and on my first day on the job I smoked 3 grams of cannabis in the parking lot before going into the office.

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