edibles made me very hungry

There are a lot of different edibles available in the marijuana dispensary.

Medical and recreational patients have their choice of many different flavors and varieties of edibles.

I have seen chocolate chip cookies, brownies, space cake, gummies, and hard candy. I have also seen caramels, chocolate, peanut butter that is infused with cannabis and beverages. The list of edible cannabis products goes on and on. Every time I visit a new dispensary, I find something that I did not know was there. I absolutely like to use edibles because I think they provide the most pain relief. I also feel that I can keep my wits more when I have an edible instead of getting high using marijuana flour. I’ve talked to a lot of medical marijuana users and most people seem to feel the same way. My girlfriend likes to use a marijuana tincture in her coffee. Throughout the day, she adds a few drops of vanilla flavored cannabis tincture to her coffee and she gets pain relief all day. edibles definitely make me feel hungry. I always get the munchies about an hour or two after I feel the first part of being high. Sometimes I like to eat something that is chocolatey and sometimes I like to eat something that is salty. I have lots of snacks in my house and I always think ahead when I am using medical or recreational marijuana products. I absolutely know that the munchies are going to happen and I want to be prepared with something yummy for later.

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