Someone complained about the smell of marijuana

I asked her what the two of us could do to fix the problem.

When I moved into the new apartment building, I knew I was going to have problems with our next door neighbor. If I had known that the lady was going to be so horrible, I never would have chosen to move into this unique apartment building. On the day that our friends and I moved all of our things into the building, The lady made a comment about the smell of marijuana. My friends and I absolutely smelled like marijuana. All of us had been smoking in the truck before the two of us started unloading all of the furniture and boxes. When the lady made the comment, I just smiled and kept walking with the boxes in our arms. I could not tell if she was making a remark that was sarcastic or funny. A lot of people use recreational marijuana around here. It is not unregular at all. A few afternoons after I moved, there was a note on our front door from the office. Someone in the building complained about the smell of marijuana and it was clear that the smell had been coming from our apartment. I knew it had to be the neighbor across the call that complain about the smell. I waited until the lady came apartment from work a single afternoon and I approached her. I asked her what the two of us could do to fix the problem. I wanted to continue being able to smoke marijuana but I wanted her to be gleeful as well. She provided me a rude look and asked me to leave her porch. Apparently there is not going to be any way to please this lady. If she continues to complain to the apartment management, they are going to make me leave the building.


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