The motion picture theater was crowded with kids (someone vaping)

I knew someone was vaping marijuana in the front section of the theater.

Last year was the premiere of the new Disney Sequel and I took our kids to the motion picture on Tuesday. Thursday was the opening day, but I never take the kids to a motion picture after they have been at university all day. Even if it’s something that they love, they usually fall asleep and never make it through the minute half of the motion picture. When the sequel was announced, the two of us promised the kids that the two of us would take them on Tuesday when it was in the motion picture theater. My partner took the day off work and the two of us all went as a family. All of us bought some chips and chips from the concession stands. The entire theater was packed and crowded with kids and adults. There wasn’t any room at all left in the theater to sit by the time the show started. There were little kids resting on their parents lap. I knew that the motion picture theater was going to be packed with people, but I did not guess it would be resting room only. 15 or 20 minutes after the credits started rolling, I saw a red light in the front of the theater. I could see smoke in the light coming from the projector. I knew someone was vaping marijuana in the front section of the theater. It was hard to smell the marijuana product in the theater, because there were so many people and lots of weird chips and chips. It smelled like a motion picture theater. I saw the woman vaping marijuana more than once throughout the show. I tried to figure out exactly who it was but I was unsuccessful.

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