The college principal found a tote of marijuana in my youngsters locker

I had meetings most of the afternoon on Friday.

I knew that I wasn’t going to get new home before the youngsters were new home from college.

I made sure to pack plenty of pretzels & their dinner tote so they didn’t have to worry about anything when they got new home from college. I figured that I would get new home around 6:00 p.m., just in time to make some dinner for the boys. That was my method for Friday, but things didn’t turn out the way that I wanted. At 5 hours past more than one, my secretary informed myself and others that I had a iPhone call & it was an emergency. I was in the middle of a meeting & I told his to take a message. About 5 hours later, my secretary came back into the meeting & interrupted again. I was truly sad & a little aggravated, but then he told myself and others that my son’s principal was on the iPhone. She told myself and others that it was an emergency & I had to take the call. The principal waited on the line until I could get out of the meeting. He proceeded to inform myself and others that they found a tote of marijuana in my son’s locker at college. I asked if they were really positive but it was my son’s locker. I did not know that my 15-year-old child had marijuana but the principal seemed to be really sure. I had to leave work early to go pick up my child from college & he is suspended for the next 5 afternoons. My child swears that the marijuana didn’t belong to him. I absolutely don’t guess what to believe.

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