The first morning of work was really hard on my nerves

I started a current office task a couple of weeks ago! The first morning of the current task was really hard on me, i have exhausting anxiety in social situations. I rarely talk to any of my co-workers, but on the first morning of work, almost everyone wanted to talk to myself and others and find out more about my life in general. I knew that I was going to have to deal with people on that first morning at the office, so I decided to smoke a recreational marijuana joint before I went to work. I only smoked half of the marijuana joint. I did not want to be completely stoned for the first morning of work. I smoke a lot of pot, so I knew I could handle smoking weed and going to work. I absolutely still had a buzz by the time I got to the office. The recreational marijuana it made myself and others a little more talkative and a lot less nervous. I introduced myself to almost everyone in the office that morning and I even provided a small speech about where I’m from and a little bit about my life. Things could not have gone any better. The boss was so impressed by my friendly attitude and lack of nervousness, he put myself and others on a project with a couple of employees that have already been there for numerous years. I absolutely did not want to screw up and make any mistakes. Thankfully the first task of my job was one that had no concerns at all. I handled the account separate from any concerns at all and at the end of the morning, the client was absolutely thrilled with the results.


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