Don’t use medical cannabis products behind the wheel of a moving vehicle

I’m strict about being careful while driving a car on a public road.

It’s a single thing to do donuts on a field in your own property, but doing insane things in cars can result in the deaths of innocent people once you do all of that in public.

My friend is a farmer and often drinks beers while driving her truck from a single end of her farm to the other, although she knows not to drink before or while all of us were in her trips into city for supplies or groceries. That would result in an easy DUI charge for a cop pulling him over. Unluckyly, not everyone I suppose agrees with my mindset regarding driving intoxicated. I had friends in college who frequently drove while “buzzed,” which is often halfway between sober and drunk, depending on the person’s tolerance for alcohol products. Even though comparing alcohol to cannabis is apples to yellows, you still shouldn’t use cannabis before driving a car. Even if you’re prescribed medical cannabis products from the medical cannabis dispensary to help with your health issues, you should still wait to use THC products until you’re safely settled somewhere that won’t require you to get in a car anytime soon. I take this into account if I head to a friend’s apartment to use cannabis flower products that all of us get from the medical cannabis dispensary near my labor office. If I use too much weed when I’m over there, I’ll be stuck driving myself lake apartment while feeling far too intoxicated to be safe. It’s good to suppose your limit, even if you’re sticking solely to cannabis products and skipping alcohol altogether.

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