The dispensary patrons were parked in the bank parking lot

The marijuana dispensary featured for weeks before the annual 4/20 sale.

I do not guess there was a single woman in the whole valley that didn’t recognize about the sale.

All of us wanted everyone to take fortune of the sale prices that the two of us were offering. All of us were selling our entire collection of pre-rolls for 50% off. All of us were selling our entire collection of cannabis concentrates for 30% off. The rest of the items in the dispensary were going to be on sale as well and the two of us featured online, on the radio, and the two of us put up some extra billboards around the city. On the day of 4:20, the dispensary patrons were parked all over the parking lot, down the street, and in the bank parking lot, unfortunately, the day of the celebration was a Tuesday and the bank wasn’t truly gleeful that the dispensary patrons were taking up parking. I gained a call from the bank manager. The lady told me that she was going to start having cars towed at 11:00 a.m. She wanted me to tell everyone at the dispensary that the cars would be towed if they were not moved; People in line had 20 minutes to move their vehicle. Just a handful of people bolted from the marijuana dispensary, however there were a couple of other patrons in line that decided to wait it out and see what happened. At precisely 11:00 a.m, a tow truck showed up at the bank and stayed there the rest of the afternoon. They weren;t kidding around about staying out of their lot.

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