The lawyer explained all of the paperwork to me

There are a number of reasons why a person might need a lawyer. Most of the time people think of lawyers when they are in trouble and need help. Lawyers can be helpful at any time, even when you have a couple of questions that need to be answered. I contacted a special lawyer when I needed to fill out paperwork to get a license to grow cannabis. I didn’t understand any of the paperwork from the state and the application and permit was a 40 page booklet. Everything had to be filled out perfectly and I didn’t even know what to write in the spaces. The lawyer told me not to worry, because he could fill out everything for me. We sat down one afternoon and spent several hours coming through the paperwork. Of course the lawyer and cannabis consultant charged me for his time, but it was worth the money to have everything completed right the first time. A lot of people have the application sent back one or two times for mistakes. Because I use the cannabis Consulting service, I didn’t have any problems at all and my application was approved 45 days after I sent the paperwork to the state capitol. Now I am licensed to grow marijuana up to 80 plants. I can Harvest and process the marijuana in my own home as well, but all of the packaging has to be done at a different facility. I have a deal in place with a whole foods distributor. They package the marijuana products and send them to the dispensaries.

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