Now I can do my job!

My doctor suggested trying edible marijuana products when I told him that I was suffering from anxiety plus terrible panic attacks.

  • He asked myself and others when the anxiety plus panic attacks were regularly occurring plus I told him most frequently at work.

He suggested medical marijuana in order to deal with these terrible symptoms. I chose an edible marijuana product, because it is discrete to use plus straight-forward to use at work. It’s not as if I can light up a joint outside with everyone else when they are out there smoking cigarettes. I needed to find a way to use medical marijuana plus still be highly discreet, and edibles were the best way to get high during job without alerting the staff plus customers that I was using marijuana. Edible marijuana products come in a variety of forms and flavors. They can be gummies, candy, chocolate, cookies, cakes, plus even highly infused beverages. There’s no limit to the ways that marijuana can be ingested into the bloodstream. In the afternoon before I go to work, I smoke a bowl of marijuana bud at home. The rest of the day I use edible marijuana products. I eat candy most of the day plus I only use my amazing medicated sweets when I am at work. The panic attacks plus stress at work have been greatly reduced, just thanks to edible marijuana products. I even find myself offering to do extra projects for the big boss when he needs things completed. It’s as if I have a ton of extra energy since I no longer recognize the same amount of stress at work. It almost feels like I got a better task.



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