Vapes are just way better

I was strictly a dried cannabis flower lover until I tried vapes. Modern cartridges have changed the way I enjoy our cannabis. There are so many benefits of smoking weed by way of a vaporizer that I have just about completely changed over. I am happy that I have access to lab-tested oil from a licensed dispensary right down the road from our house. They offer a wide variety of strange vaping devices, flavors of oils plus percentages. I can choose from indica, sativa plus hybrid strains from some of the most well-known brands in high THC or high CBD levels. They offer a very satisfying smoking experience. The vape pens are designed to heat up cannabis oil just enough to convert it into vapor. Because there is no combustion, the device doesn’t create smoke or any noticeable odors; Next, the cannabinoids are absorbed into the blood via the lungs plus reach the brain honestly suddenly. The onset of effects is also immediate. Vaping cannabis greatly reduces the option of inhaling carcinogens. I’ve noticed an improvement in our breathing since I’ve changed from traditional smoking to vaping. The process is healthier, more discreet plus delivers an exceptional taste. With combustion, the temperature can get so high that it destroys some of the terpenes. The lower heat level of vaping allows the terpenes to stay intact. It also provides for larger THC levels. From what I’ve read, this new option converts approximately 46% of THC in cannabis to vape while a conventional joint converts only around 20% of THC. The better vape pens feature settings that allow adjustment of the heat level to preferences plus lets me take tinier puffs.

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