Starting at the cannabis dispensary

As a teenager who was pretty good at playing guitar, I thought I was bound for stardom.

A few years later I was less optimistic about my future, but I still couldn’t bring myself to give up on the dream.

Although I no longer believed I would ever be rich or famous, the thought of spending 40 to 50 hours a week in an office, or sitting at a computer, was terrifying to me. I would rather struggle and strive with a guitar in my hand than to give up and become just another worker drone. I play a lot of little gigs, the best paying of which are the open mic nights hosted at the cannabis dispensary. The local cannabis dispensary has a smokers lounge with a little stage on it, where they have open mic nights, improv comedy nights, and sometimes even live music. I have a standing booking at the cannabis dispensary, which means I get some time on stage every time they have music. They never have one act play for too long a period of time, perhaps because cannabis smokers get bored easily, or enjoy a great deal of variety. Whenever I play the cannabis dispensary I get ten to twenty minutes of time on stage to play whatever songs I want. Since I take requests, I always get asked to play cannabis rock anthems, like Sweet Lead by Black Sabbath. It doesn’t pay a lot, but this is a way to get my name out there, so one day I hope that entertaining the cannabis customers can lead me to bigger and better things.

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