Someone was stealing from the dispensary

Although it is against the rules of the company that owns our store, the boss has been dating one of his employees.

They are both really sweet people, so none of the other employees care about it… but it turns out the bosses do! Last week several men in suits came into the store, a surprise visit from the head office, to inspect the store, account for all the money in the safe, and perform random interviews with the staff. Everyone was atwitter about it, assuming that the boss was going to get fired for dating his employee, but we were all wrong! It turns out that our cannabis dispensary had been posting some strange numbers, and there were discrepancies with the revenue. They didn’t care that the manager was dating an employee, they were trying to figure out which one of us was stealing cash from the cannabis dispensary. If you have never worked in a cannabis dispensary you may not be aware that it is a cash-only business, which means the safe is always full of currency. The two issues came to a head at once, when the bosses studied the security footage from the cannabis dispensary cameras. They realized that the girlfriend was stealing from the cannabis shop, and the manager was too love-struck to notice. Long story short, they both got fired, but it was because of the money not the love affair. Now I am the manager of the cannabis dispensary, and so long as I don’t do anything stupid like steal things, I’m good to go!

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