My dream job at the cannabis dispensary

I always enjoy it when there is some drama at work.

It mixes things up and keeps them exciting, because usually there is not a lot of excitement around here.

I don’t enjoy drama in my own life, but there is very rarely any of that. I am a very chill, level-headed type of person, and drama just doesn’t happen to me. This is why I enjoy other people’s drama so much, because I know it will never have anything to do with me. I can just watch on like a spectator at a sporting event. I am very glad to be working at a cannabis dispensary, because it has the most colorful kinds of drama. We have a security guard checking IDs at the front door whenever we are open, precisely because cannabis tends to bring out the drama in people. I have had people scream and cry at me because I didn’t have their favorite strains of cannabis in stock, and I have other people try to pay a $400 tab with rolls of pennies. You never know what you will get during a day at the cannabis dispensary, and that makes me happy. When a job gets stale and boring it makes it so much harder to go to work every day, and that is not a problem I face at the cannabis dispensary. Even a “boring” day here is one filled with happy customers and bountiful binds of fluffy cannabis. I don’t have a “dream job” because my dream is not to have a job, but the cannabis dispensary comes close!

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