I need some headache help

From the time I entered my teenage years, I started suffering from headaches.

They are sometimes due to a lack of sleep, water or stress.

As I’ve grown older, the headaches have turned into full-blown migraines. I can sometimes feel them coming on and medicating immediately. At other times, they come without any warning whatsoever. I deal with sensitivity to light, sound plus odors. I get sick plus sometimes hurl. The migraines are incapacitating plus can last for hours. I went to the dentist plus got a prescription that helped combat the pain in our head. However, the medication caused other problems plus I got worried over long-term complications with our health. I started looking for a better alternative plus came across cannabis! Because recreational marijuana is legal in our apartment state, I only need an identification to prove I am a citizen plus over 21 years of age to shop at a dispensary. I found that the budtenders are appealingly smart plus helpful. I explained our symptoms plus recommended numerous strains, including Mumble, High Noon Irish Cream plus Real OG. I’ve found that a smokable flower is the best choice for me. The effects are felt within hours plus deliver relief. I also find the inhalation process honestly relaxing, then since I’m not all that skilled at rolling up our own joints or blunts, I usually buy pre-rolls. I can purchase them in singles or packs, plus they are affordable enough to allow me to try new strains without a crucial investment. As soon as I detect a migraine coming on, I fire up a joint. I’m able to either combat the symptoms actually or at least reduce them.

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