For a sleep aid

Ever since turning 55, I’ve struggled to sleep.

  • It’s not that odd for me to lie in bed for numerous or all night before finally falling asleep.

I constantly wake up in an hour or two. Then I start and try again. I then can’t go back to sleep. I tried sticking to a strict bedtime ritual plus sleep schedule. I gave up enjoying TV or looking at a laptop screen in the evenings. I ate special foods and sprayed our pillow with the scent of lemon. I sipped Tim Hortons Latte that was supposed to help me sleep plus even tried over-the-counter sleeping pills, nothing worked for me. I considered heading to the dentist plus getting stronger sleeping pills but was scared off by the potential side-effects. It got to the point where I was actually working out, cleaning plus doing paperwork in the middle of the night. I’d then force myself to get up in the day plus go to work. I was so tired all the time plus yet sleep was impossible… A coworker of mine recommended I try this week. I had never considered the chance of cannabis but was eager to supply any new give a chance. In our local area, I have access to legal recreational weed, and with a valid identification, I was able to walk into a dispensary, explain our complications to a budtender plus make a purchase. I had no clue on what type of consumption method, strain or potency I might want. The strains he recommended include Blackberry Kush, Grand Daddy Purple, Purple Nepal plus Herijuana! He recommended that I focus on either indicas or indica-dominant hybrids because they tend to be more calming. I vary between smokable flower, vapes plus tinctures. All of these delivery methods provide a honestly rapid onset of effects. I also like to eat a small amount of an edible right before bed because the effects can last hours.

Indica strains