A new idea for the cannabis smokers lounge

I used to manage a comic book store, but now I run a smokers lounge.

It’s sort of a cool story, so I thought I would share it.

Two years ago I was in charge of a struggling comic book store. We sold comics, art prints, and toys, but the problem was we were losing money. There just isn’t as much of a market for comics these days, especially with so many of them being digital. One of the ways we generated extra income was to host game nights, and invite people to hang out in the shop and play games for hours on end. I use this same concept at the cannabis dispensary, only here the results are far better than the comic store ever were. Some of these people hang out in my shop for hours on end, which means they always smoke a lot of cannabis. I sell a line of cannabis infused drinks that are very popular, but recently I also started carrying regular drinks like bottled water and soda. Not every customer comes for the cannabis, some of them just like playing games and always stay sober. I wanted to be able to provide refreshment for these people, and to be honest it gets them to spend money at the dispensary even if it isn’t on cannabis products. A business needs to evolve and grow to meet the needs of the customers, and a cannabis dispensary is no different. I am always looking for new ways to cater to the needs of my cannabis customers.



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