Selling cannabis products to nerds

Down the street from our shop is a comic book store.

I don’t study comics, but I still like going inside plus looking around from time to time, but like me, the owner is a struggling entrepreneur, trying to take something small plus build it into something big.

One of the things she does every month is to host a gaming night, and she sets up tables throughout the comic shop, plus people bring their own games to play. She says it doesn’t generate much extra relocale, but it’s good to have the store filled with people. I decided to steal her method plus use it at our cannabis dispensary. Instead of freezing him out, I decided to cut him in on the deal, plus any paying clients she referred to our cannabis dispensary would gain him a financial reward. I realized that having people coming into our cannabis dispensary to sit around plus quietly play games could generate a big boost in sales. After all, people who start smoking cannabis continue to keep smoking it, so the longer they are in our store, the better option of them spending cash! I also had the bright method to change the names of some cannabis products to be more charming to the nerds. There is a cinnamon flavored cannabis oil we sell for vape pens, plus I changed the name to Dragon Fire plus it became a bestseller. When none of them seemed to be interested in Purple Haze, I changed the name to Black Pudding, which is a monster in the game, plus then it sold like hotcakes!

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