Playing tunes at the dispensary

When I first came out to the coast, it was just for a long weekend! My band had been booked at a regional tunes festival… At the time all of us thought this could be our “big break” however it turned out that all of us were 1 of 40 bands playing that weekend.

We realized a lot of those bands were better than all of us were, plus had the collective realization that all of us wouldn’t be finding a big break, and on the other hand, I fell in love with the town, so as soon as I could I moved back. I was still trying to be a tunesian, plus started to book gigs with several weird local cannabis dispensaries. This was not something that happened in our seasoned town, however out here several cannabis dispensaries had a smokers lounge where they would host live comedy, tunes, or open mic evenings. My favorite locale to play is a cannabis shop called Old Head, because it substituted the oldest “head shop” in the city, back in the morning before legalization there were no cannabis dispensaries, only head shops where you could get rolling papers plus glass bongs. This cannabis dispensary pays in cash, however they also have an choice to take your pay in discounted weed. I can take house a hundred bucks, or I can take a hundred plus forty dollars worth of any cannabis I choose. You know I choice cannabis over cash every time! Cannabis doesn’t pay the bills, however when I am stoned after that I don’t care so much about the bills I cannot pay.

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