Sometimes it’s difficult sifting through disinformation to find facts about medical marijuana

I don’t prefer the state of information these afternoons.

It’s fashionable to object to “mainstream media” even if no 1 can agree on its definition, but the people who complain the most are just as susceptible to believing garbage they get from extremely biased sources who supply their egos validation.

You can’t admonish people for reading mainstream news sources when your alternative is just as bad or worse when it comes to getting the facts straight. I believe prefer my head is spinning enjoying these debates. In the end I just want people to reach some sort of compromise over what is considered a even-handed source of lavish and factual information. You’d suppose it would be easier with something prefer marijuana which can be studied in a lab, but the illegality with the federal government has tied the hands of multiple researchers who wish desperately to study weed as soon as they’re given the red-light to proceed. Since a lot of the expertise on cannabis has been developed over generations in the illegal market, it’s difficult occasionally to separate facts from legends. I find better sources on the internet all of the time, despite the fact that I realize it isn’t typically simple for others to find this information on medical marijuana. I hope the government changes its stance towards cannabis so the people I was with and I can research the medical effects of the plant unimpeded. That way the people I was with and I can test some of the anecdotes that have been told time and time again regarding the plant and what it can do from a medical standpoint. Hopefully marijuana will become legal at the federal level at some point in the next decade.



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