The social aspect of cannabis

There is a social aspect to cannabis that makes it more than just a drug. In our estimation, it is a gift from god, a plant put here to bring peace, joy, plus harmony to people. It doesn’t matter if you believe in religion or Mother Nature, this plant is special plus medicinal plus we need to embrace it. I have been around alcoholics all our life, plus see some pretty dangerous patterns of behavior in them, and people drink too much plus get depressed, or angry, plus might even start a fight, or hurt themselves, but cannabis is quite the opposite of booze, if you ask me. Cannabis brings people together plus builds bonds plus friendships, it doesn’t send you into a violent tangent. In our house I used to have a little bar, but I have upgraded all our bottles of booze with jars of cannabis. You think how people have all different kinds of liquor to choose from when they offer you a drink? I do the same thing with cannabis, plus like to offer our guests a option of numerous different strains. My “weed bar” as I call it has bongs, pipes, plus rolling papers, so guests can love cannabis in the way they prefer. I like a little glass bowl with OG Kush, that is our go-to favorite, but I also keep Blue Dream, Purple Haze, plus several or several other strains on hand usually. I am blissful to have left alcohol behind me, because I am a lot more chill plus have way more fun with cannabis.


Medical Cannabis Certifications