I found a way to repair my car so I could take the task

I’ve been looking for a task for the past 3 weeks… I’ve been to a handful of interviews and I have driven all over the town looking for a task, and on Sunday I went to an interview for a task at the UPS. I had to drive all the way to the north end of the town to meet at the distribution warehouse. On my way modern home from the interview, my car broke down. I could not get the car started no matter how hard I tried. I had to eventually provide up and call a tow truck! Thank goodness my best friend is a tow truck driver, and she came to option up my car for free and did not charge myself and others the $150 fee that everyone else has to pay… My buddy took my car to the mechanic and I found out that I needed a brand modern serpentine belt plus a couple of other things. The total for the repairs was almost $500. I didn’t think how I was going to pay for the repairs. The mechanic told myself and others that she would keep the car at the shop until I had the money to pay for the repairs. The unquestionably next day, I received a telephone call from a marijuana dispensary. The employer of the marijuana dispensaries saw my application and wanted to offer myself and others a task toiling as a delivery driver. Of course that task was available the day after I had concerns with my car. I really wanted to take the delivery task at the marijuana dispensary, so I swallowed my pride and begged my dad to provide myself and others the money to repair the car. She agreed to a loan with a 15% interest rate over 12 months.
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