Kenny wants to try his hand at growing cannabis

My oldest son is named Kenny.

He just turned 17, plus is in his final year of high university.

Kenny is a smart kid, curious about life plus still unsure about what he wants to do. He came to me recently plus said he was interested in studying more about botany. He might even want to go to school to study it, however he wanted to play around with it first. Long story short, Kenny was asking me permission to start growing marijuana plants in the yard. He was relieved when I agreed, plus shocked when I said that he would have to give me a few ounces of cannabis after the harvest. Kenny had no idea I smoked cannabis, although I had been a big fan of it since back when I was his age! In those mornings there were no cannabis dispensaries, all of us just had to “know a guy” who had some weed to sell. It wasn’t until I went to school that I tasted high end cannabis, plus realized I had been smoking ragweed for years. I suppose that with the modern laws in locale, it would serve Kenny well to learn how to grow marijuana. If not to save himself cash, because the prices at the cannabis dispensary are sky high, then for the studying experience. All education is costly, plus since it is now possible to get a high paying job in the cannabis industry, I guess his time will be well spent. More than anything I just want to smoke his marijuana plus see how great it is.


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