Yoga and medical cannabis

Pot and yoga go together like cookies and milk.

Quite frankly I have never cared about my physical health or appearance until recently.

The only reason that happened is because I met an amazing and beautiful woman, and I realized that I wanted to be more attractive. Maybe I’m shallow, but the history of the human race is people doing things for love, right? I was too nervous to go to a gym, but I did find a local yoga studio where I felt comfortable. Part of the reason this place was so relaxing is that they combined medical cannabis with yoga into a holistic health combo that really worked wonders for me. Also, I have to admit I have always been a little nervous about carrying medical cannabis around with me. The laws are different now in our state, but since I don’t have a legal prescription for medical cannabis I could still get in trouble for possession. Instead I don’t carry the weed around with me, I just buy a little when I get to the medical cannabis dispensary before class starts. I can take a few minutes, smoke a gram or two of medical cannabis, and then be fully prepared to immerse myself in yoga class for an hour. Another reason I don’t carry medical cannabis around with me is that it feels too good, and I’m afraid if I kept it at home I would just get stoned all day. For now I will just keep smoking medical cannabis and going to yoga class three times a week.


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