Recreational weed works when it comes to life balance

I think most of us live a life where we are maybe a bit overwhelmed by all the stuff on our plate.

There is a bit of societal foundation for this as that’s sort of the way the game is set up.

In this country, the focus is generally on getting more, being more, attaining more and achieving more. So no wonder I finally burned out. With trips to the cannabis store near me, I’m figuring out how to balance my life for the first time ever. It’s not easy but the legal weed is fundamental in the process. A friend of mine went through something similar a few years ago. She had kids in highschool, a full time job and was a single mom as well. The demands on her time, energy and soul just kept escalating until she simply broke down. Her body finally stopped her and that’s when she went to get some help. Part of her therapy included recreational pot since there is legal weed in our state. And she used the legal pot to help keep her grounded, authentic and positive. So when she saw me on the brink of the same sort of thing, she got real with me one night. We shed some tears but I knew then, I needed to change and she sure had a good blue print to at least start with. My friend actually took me by the hand and walked me into the cannabis store near me. That trip to the legal weed store was the beginning of a brand new and wonderful chapter in my life.

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