Physical recovering comes more quickly with medical marijuana

When I got into my accident, it was the first time that I was ever really hurt like that.

I mean, I’m really just lucky to have walked away from that carnage. There were other motorists who weren’t so lucky. But prior to finding medical marijuana, my recovery from my injuries was just tortuous. Perhaps some of that was sort of self imposed. Having heard all the horror stories about opioids, I just didn’t use them much at all. And I ended up not going to the physical therapy sessions as I should have because of all the pain. That’s when I started looking into how to get a medical marijuana card. A friend of mine who used medical marijuana when he was going through cancer was the one to suggest it. Once I was able to get into the cannabis dispensary, things really started to change. I was given a few different strains of cannabis flower products so the staff at the legal weed store could help me dial in the right medical marijuana. We were able to determine the best strain of cannabis flower products and my life changed almost immediately. I had something that I could both manage pain with but also get a positive lift from. Plus, going to physical therapy became something I almost looked forward to because I kept getting more range of motion. And it really started making a big difference in my recovery. If it hadn’t been for medical cannabis, I’d still be suffering with a recovery that never quite got going and became never ending.


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