My mom is doing better now with her cannabis gummies

Mom is just so funny.

Here she is 80 years old and I’m in my mid 50’s but she can’t even say the words medical marijuana.

That’s really sort of something for me. I smoked my fair share of weed back in the day. But that was a day where the was no such thing as a legal weed shop. It was not that easy at all. But my mother sort of knew that her precious daughter was using cannabis flower products. So the irony that my mom is now using medical marijuana is not lost on me at all. Just the opposite is true really. I love the fact that I get to take my mom to the cannabis dispensary. That’s something I didn’t ever in a million years think was going to happen. Me and my mom shopping for medical cannabis? Not happening. But when she got cancer, that’s exactly what the doctor wanted her to use to keep eating and fight the nausea from the cancer treatments. So we figured out how to get her a medical marijuana card and the rest is history. She’s so funny in the legal weed store. It’s like she’s pretending she’s in some sort of alternative pharmacy. Which in a way, is really quite true. The medical cannabis has had a tremendous effect on mom. Not only is she eating, which is something she’s always struggled with, she’s found a positive note about all of this. And that comes from her medical dessert, as she calls her cannabis gummies. There is a smile there now where there was once just rigid resistance and some sort of misplaced defiance I suppose. And I get to smile to because my mom is using weed.

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