My brother Todd works at a recreational marijuana store

My brother Todd was looking for a summer job after he graduated from college last year. He was thinking about taking a gap year before he started working on his actual career, and I can’t say that I blamed him. He had worked really hard in high school and through college and he just needed a little bit of a break. When he came home from school, he never thought that he would end up working here at the recreational marijuana store in town. But it turned out that the recreational marijuana store needed a lot of extra help during this summer and Todd went in and turned in his application. They hired him almost immediately and Todd says that the recreational marijuana story isn’t like any other marijuana business that he has ever seen before. The store that you went to work at who’s looking for new employees to become professional recreational marijuana salespeople and budtenders. Todd decided that he was going to work there just for the summer, but then within a few weeks, he actually fell in love with the place. Apparently, Todd is a natural born marijuana professional. Now, Todd is the manager of the recreational marijuana store. He has only been there for a year and he’s already the highest paid person in the store. They have him doing all kinds of marijuana education classes and he knows all that there is to know about cannabis edibles and all kinds of recreational marijuana products. He says that he may have found his calling at that store.
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