It’s hard having a partner who is against cannabis

I remember so clearly the first time I got into a fight with my partner, and every one of us had only been together for a few months after marrying right out of high university.

Every one of us were both kids, even though we didn’t recognize it at the time, and we both had a lot of growing up to do, and that first fight was about marijuana, a topic that had literally never come up before; but I was at a party, having some drinks, and tried smoking a joint for the first time, but my partner was furious I had used medical cannabis… And I was confused as to why she was so irritated. Of course at that time medical cannabis use was still completely illegal, although I still didn’t recognize why it made her irritated. I still feel about it often, because I still don’t understand why anyone would get so frustrated about medical cannabis. Even though medical cannabis was illegal for decades, at no point was it immoral or evil. It is impossible for a plant to be evil, quite frankly, and when someone gets visibly frustrated at something that cares about medical cannabis, it tells myself and others that person has problems. My partner and I cut up soon after that, and she mistakenly told people that our divorce was because of medical cannabis. It wasn’t about that at all, medical cannabis was just the flashpoint. The truth is that we finally divorced because she was so distraught about myself and others smoking medical cannabis that it showed myself and others a different, ugly side of her; and I no longer wanted to spend my life with her.



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