It was easier to move after learning all the facts

My boss offered me a raise as well as a big promotion, however the only downfall was the fact that I had to move, so my boss needed someone special to head up the project on the western seaboard. The applicant originally selected for the job had to bail at the last minute. The position was mine, but needed to be filled abruptly; I absolutely didn’t want to be the man to fill the position, but my boss gave me a staggering amount of money to take the position at the last minute, however one of the reasons why I opted to transport is due to the fact that I have never been on the west coast. I was pretty stoked to see the beach as well as the mountains at the same time, and another reason why I ultimately wanted to take the job is because marijuana is legal on the Western seaboard. I have been using recreational as well as medical marijuana for 5 years or more. I spend a whole lot of money each month to buy these products from a street vendor. It’s not legal, safe, or even cheap. Since I moved to the West Coast, I have been able to access legal, safe, as well as cheaper marijuana. There are dispensaries all over the city. Any morning of the week you can find sales as well as deals on the products in the store. I used to spend hundreds of dollars every month on marijuana supplies. Since I moved to the West Coast, my weed bill has been cut in half, as well as the products are much better tasting as well as stronger.
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