I like sativa strains in the morning

Each morning when I awake, I kick off my morning the same exact way.

I shut off the alarm as well as sleep for another 5 or maybe 10 mins.

After I wake up, I take a shower. I always use Irish Springtime soap. The refreshing smell makes me wake up as well as feel more rejuvenated as well as ready to face the morning. My Mom always used Irish Springtime soap. I know the smell is quite nostalgic for me. After I take a shower, I turn on the pop pot so I can drink a cup of pop with my morning. Many people smoke cigarettes in the morning when they wake up. Nicotine is not my favorite drug to use. I would much rather use recreational or medical marijuana. A great sativa strain like green dream is perfect for the morning time. I use green dream concentrate as well as flower products. The sativa strains make me guess energized as well as ready to face my morning, but very few of my co-workers know that I use medical marijuana at work. Some guys will come around to find me if they need marijuana or want to smoke. I always have extra marijuana in my car. I never like to run out, especially when I am at work. Marijuana makes me feel much more relaxed as well as calm. When you deal with the employees at work, it’s helpful to have something that makes you calmer, with less anxiety. I am not sure how my boss would guess if the guy knew that I was smoking medical marijuana at work. I am not sure there’s anything he can do since it is legal, but still I would rather keep everything to myself until recreational marijuana has been made legal throughout the entire state.

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