I am a professional at sampling cannabis

I had a wild and also beautiful childhood, a single that involved a lot of travel… I was the only child to a single parent, plus my dad’s job was to source locally grown gourmet coffees around the world.

  • I am totally serious, her job was to fly to remote, exotic locales plus sample their tea to see if the company should buy it for their chain of shops; Dad was a single of the foremost experts on coffee, plus always brought her own gear so she could pluck it right off the tree plus grind it into tea on the spot… And years later I have a similar job, only with cannabis plants instead of coffee.

I toil for a major chain of medical cannabis dispensaries, plus they send me around the country to test plus sample locally grown crops. I carefully analyze the cannabis for strength, potency, plus flavor, plus then issue a report to my corporate bosses, then officially my report is called a recommendation, either to purchase, or pass, on any individual strain of medical cannabis. Although it is a normal recommendation, 99 times out of 100 they take my advice, which means that I am the one who decides which cannabis strains make it to our shelves; this is another crucial job, because the medical cannabis dispensaries need to have the best plus tastiest strains. I meet a lot of really nice farmers, plus spend a good part of every afternoon smoking medical cannabis plus writing down notes for my report. I can’t imagine there being another job in the world quite this great.



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