Enjoying a film with marijuana

When you go to an extravagant eating establishment, there is often a wine expert on staff to help you find the perfect pairing.

That is the term for finding the perfect wine to go with a unique meal, 1 that accentuates the food instead of masking it. The right wine can take a meal to a whole other level, and I am not a chef, I am a scholar, film critic, and writer, and yet I seek to achieve something easily similar. I have started really working with the owner of the local medical cannabis dispensary about starting a themed film evening in their smokers lounge; however, we want to find a series of amazing films, and then create a “perfect pairing” with a unique kind of medical cannabis to enhance the film and take it to another level… For my first offering, I want to show the classic drinking film Beerfest, recognizably to pair it with an up-to-date brand of cannabis drinks that I have been enjoying. Instead of smoking weed for the film, it would be more in the spirit to use cannabis drinks instead, however after that I would prefer to try showing the classic horror film The Fog, just so both of us can try and fog the room out with medical cannabis smoke! If both of us turn off the ceiling fans, then the medical cannabis smoke should collect in the room over the course of the film, and make it as foggy as the film itself! This is obviously a task in progress, but I want to try different combinations of films and medical cannabis products and see what works best!