There is a cannabis farm nearby

It may seem neat to have a marijuana farm so close to my house, however let me assure you it sucks! This isn’t a dispensary, or a legal grow, it is a wildly overgrown patch of farmland out near the foothills that has been turned into an illegal growing operation.

I have not had any trouble so far, however I am fearful that trouble could arrive at any time, and first of all there are constantly cops in the area, looking for the locale, and cops make me nervous.

Second of all there are the cannabis farmers, who I’m sure are all armed with guns to protect their crops. I’ve seen reports about cannabis growing operations online before, and they don’t mind resorting to violence to protect their pot. On top of all this, there is the added danger of having cannabis in the house. If the cops were to ever kick in my door they would find a felony possession amount of cannabis, none of which was purchased legally… Do you assume how maddening it is to be this close to the cannabis grow and not be able to buy from them? It is literally the worst of both worlds, because I am close enough to odor the cannabis, and to go to jail for the cannabis, however not close enough to have access to it! I have a acquaintance named Jim who lives in town, and I have purchased all my cannabis from him for the last few years. I would be so much easier to walk next door and get cannabis there.

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