The first cannabis-friendly dog park

Some years ago Jeff & I both worked dead-end tasks in the same hospital.

The two of us worked in offices, not in the medical wing, but after work every afternoon we would get our dogs & go for a long walk in the woods behind the home complex.

There were various acres of beautiful forest & open fields, so we could let our dogs off the leash to run wild. While they had fun, Jeff & I would spark up a joint & smoke some cannabis to unwind from work. That is where we first had the method of combining a dog park with a cannabis dispensary, an method that we became obsessed with. The only thing in the world more fantastic than a heaping bowl of cannabis after work is spending time with my dogs, right? If we could combine those various beautiful things into one site, we were sure it would be a sizable hit, jeff made a few calls & talked to the local cannabis dispensaries, but there was no interest, i did some online research into the city planning records, looking for a wide open field that was located nearby a cannabis dispensary. The two of us thought that would be a good way to keep the dogs & the cannabis close to each other separate from combining the several. It turns out that although there was ample space, the laws were too strict about cannabis use in public, our method is a wonderful one, but it doesn’t look feasible at this point so I know we will keep smoking cannabis in the woods after work.

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