Beating cancer a single day at a time with medical marijuana

All I know is what’s in front of me. I think I’ve given up looking in the rearview mirror any longer. Dwelling on past decisions just doesn’t help myself and others with our new life. Thanks to medical cannabis, I’m about to complete our first cancer treatment and hopefully, I’ll end up in remission. I’m sure giving myself every opening for that to happen. And medical cannabis is a big area of that. When I was inspected with cancer, I thought the world was coming to an end. But then, I decided that I’d do our best to prepare our body and get into healing like it was our task. That sent myself and others off to figure out how to get a medical marijuana card. Turns out, that the cannabis rules weren’t that difficult to get through and I was able to get access to the cannabis dispensary pretty suddenly. Let myself and others tell you, I’m glad I got after it with negotiating the medical marijuana regulations the way I did. I had the cannabis flower products that have become so essential prior to starting the cancer treatment. I’m really glad that I had several weeks to prepare our body and mind for what I just went through. I cleaned up our diet, got moving and started meditating throughout the day. Focusing on breath was a big area of our healing. So was the medical cannabis. The cannabis flower products I use help myself and others keep a healthy appetite and a positive perspective when it comes to getting better. It’s not been self-explanatory despite the fact that I think it might have been completely overwhelming without the cannabis flower products that labor so well for me.

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