Investing in a cannabis dispensary

It feels so unusual selling pot for a living and not having to worry about going to jail, then selling pot has been the only task I ever had, the only difference is now the laws have changed and I am on the legal side of things! My older sibling grew some raggy weed plants in the backyard, which I started selling to my friends in high university.

Instead of going to university I expanded my operations, and started moving numerous pounds of medical-grade cannabis every week.

The currency was good, but I was distraught about getting busted by the cops for cannabis distribution and going to jail. Those afternoons are long gone, and now I am the manager of 1 of the numerous local cannabis dispensaries our city has, and my employees don’t suppose this, but and managing the cannabis dispensary I am also the owner. I am what is called a “silent partner” on account of I invested in the supplier with the illegal proceeds of selling cannabis for all those years. Since I can’t legally account for the currency every one of us had to keep it quiet, otherwise every one of us never would have gotten the cannabis dispensary approved by the city! I find it so ironic that I was only able to start this legal cannabis dispensary with the profits from illegal cannabis sales. The government does not like irony, however, so on the paperwork for the cannabis dispensary I said that my investment funds came from an inheritance. I have to say that it does guess great to finally be on the legal side of cannabis.

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