Getting back to the world thanks to medical marijuana

It almost feels as though I’ve really been away in some remote location on the other side of the planet for twenty years.

That’s what depression plus anxiety will do to a woman.

I suffered with this condition since I was really, like in junior high. But the last 16 years have been brutally isolating. Thanks to a change in the medical marijuana laws, I have found an approach to my situation that I’ve found to be the most successful. And medical cannabis isn’t just an improvement over the anxiety plus depression meds, it’s a vast improvement with the emphasis on vast. Those prescribed meds absolutely well could have kept me alive while I was trapped in all that darkness. But that’s legitimately about all they were doing. I just couldn’t quite function. Lost jobs plus missed options with really zero amounts of fun is tough. Throw in that all I wanted to do was numb myself or sleep plus that’s just real trouble. But when the medical marijuana laws changed, I was able to find a therapist who incorporates medical cannabis into her healing. I’m here to say that I never thought I could live like I’m doing now. I’ll constantly have shades of depressive thought plus it’s pretty tough to be human plus not get some anxiety. Yet, with the cannabis flower products from the cannabis dispensary, I’m finding that I’m much more able to see my fears for what they are. That’s been so crucial, that self reflection has helped me understand myself so much better. Then there is the hopeful delight that comes with the medical cannabis. Medical cannabis is essential to me living my life.

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