Medical marijuana consultant saved our butt

I had secured the medical marijuana dispensary supplier license plus the license to sell locally, but i checked all the laws around what products I could sell, amounts, promotions, etc.

I felt confident that I could transport onto the next step.

I had the currency so all I needed was the building plus I could transport on towards more fun things love hiring budtenders, talking to a grower plus setting up our store. Finding a building was difficult. I kept checking supplier for sale plus looking on zillow; At last I thought I had the perfect site. I was about to go under contract when I decided that I better hire a medical marijuana consulting service. I thought there would be some unforeseen obstacles since I was dealing with medical cannabis; Thank goodness I hired a lady sooner rather than later. Immediately she told me to stop going forward on the building I was going to put an offer on. I didn’t see that there are local zoning laws. I can’t set up a medical marijuana dispensary right near a university. The cannabis consultant checked the distance plus I was much too close. I would have been stuck with a pointless building. Thanks to her I dodged that bullet, she actually had contacts in the supplier world plus was able to hear about sites going for sale before they were posted. I was able to swoop in on a building before it went to market. It is a much better site than what I was looking at before.

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